PHOENIX RELOADED. Rethinking Disaster Responses, Preparedness and Prevention

The term ‘disaster’ can have many different meanings and refer to a variety of events, both natural and man-made. Floods, earthquakes, wars, fires, infrastructural collapses, overpopulation, famine and pollution, amongst many others, are all disasters. ANCB aims to draw out lessons that can be learned from past catastrophes and to interrogate existing strategies, questioning how they can be improved and applied across multiple situations. Out of a devastating situation, it is hoped that something new and good can be realised. With a positive outlook, we seek to generate ideas and approaches for ongoing disaster management and preparedness, proactively stimulating new visions for the future.

Through presentations, discussions, workshops, design studios and more, this ANCB programme explores prevailing and broad-ranging knowledge and assumptions about disaster, widening the understanding of the definition. The interdisciplinary programmatic angle highlights philosophical and religious underpinnings to the various socio-cultural approaches to disaster evidenced worldwide, while also exploring political perspectives and technical responses. As with all ANCB programmes, it will result in fresh ideas for new urban positions, processes and products and offers the potential to rethink disaster preparedness, responses and prevention, for societies, governments, industry and the urban/spatial design professions.

In preparation. To be announced shortly.

Public Debate. Die Altstadt von Aleppo: Strategien für den Wiederaufbau
6 February 2015

Public Debate. After Hurricane Sandy: Rebuild by Design – Resilient Planning Through Collaborative Design
Video recording
6 December 2014

Master Lecture. Shigeru Ban: Works and Humanitarian Activities
Video recording
7 October 2014

Public Debate. ArchiAid: The Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Programme
Video recording
25 October 2013

Public Debate. Tsunami Trace File: A Documentary by Mathias Klotz and Carlos Perez, Chile 2010
20 September 2010

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