PBSA - Peter Behrens School of Architecture Düsseldorf
22 - 30 October 2010

The Reading Gardens

The starting point of "Reading Gardens: Spaces of Knowledge and Learning" is the City of Berlin’s intention to build a new Central Public Library for Berlin (ZLB) on the edge of Tempelhof Field (former Templehof airport). In the context of an international renaissance in public library design, a one semester master class of the PBSA will examine the future of 'the preservation of knowledge and our rituals of accessing information'.

Emanating from classical functions such as members reading rooms, public reading and information areas, or reference desks on the one hand and the increasingly 'placeless' availabillity of knowledge and information via linked online sources on the other hand, the workshop will emphasise the question of quality, accessibility, and the meaning of knowledge and its transfer. Possibly, our places of collective learning and authentic dialogue will become the public space of the future. The right to accessibility of knowledge seems to marry logically with public interest in green open space. Thus, given the 'public park' ambitions of this particular site, this project will examine how the placing of a public institution of this size could create the critical mass to influence the overall development of Tempelhof Field.

During the workshop, the students will approach two central subjects: the future of a library such as the ZLB and the location Tempelhof and will generate concepts for the library programme and its anchoring in the Tempelhof Field.

Masterclass, Thursday 28th October, 6-8pm.
Thomas Willemeit, Gastprofessor Peter Behrens School of Architecture, FH Düsseldorf;
Herr Manfred Kühne, Abteilungsleiter Abteilung II, Städtebau und Projekte;
Herr Dr. Jonas Fansa, Baureferent der Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin;
Herr Stefan Liske, Innovation Designer - Founding Partner and CEO of PHC-Berlin. <br>SEMI-PUBLIC.

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