ANCB Enquiry Themes

At ANCB we have condensed the complexity of the global challenges facing our urban environment into enquiry themes with the aim to frame these abstract issues and to break them down to a level that is conceptually tangible and negotiable with multiple disciplines and, in particular, the public. As a starting point for ANCB’s activities, these themes help define, guide and organise our work and demonstrate our aim to continuously and actively include new partners.

IDENTITY IN PLACE. Reconnecting Built Form with Societal Diversity
This theme examines how built form and spatial typologies might express identity in the present-day era of rapid urbanisation and movement.

RESPONSIVE CITY. Combining Local Knowledge with Digital Systems
This theme explores the application of advanced technology as an infrastructure for modifying living habits to reduce environmental impact, without necessarily reducing living standards.

NO SPACE WITHOUT TRAITS. Using Interdisciplinary Perspectives to Explore Spatial Character
This theme studies the characteristics of current, real-life manifestations of spatial conditions and their scales, drawing from research, fieldwork and practice in the arts and humanities, the sciences and design.

PARADISE FOUND, PARADISE LOST. Negotiating Between Growing Demands and Depleting Natural Resources
This theme explores the role of architecture, urban and landscape design in improving negotiations between a place, the natural resources that sustain it, the quality-of-life demands made on these resources by the people in that place, and the urgent environmental responsibilities of advanced societies everywhere.

ACTORS AND AGENCY. Co-producing the Built Future
This theme investigates the spatial design and planning toolkit needed to co-envision, co-decide and co-produce the future of the city, and to overcome the ‘expert-lay’ divide in decision-making about places and cities.

A programme introducing children and youth to the culture of architecture and urban space and to foster an interest in design through cultural education and aesthetic development.

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