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Since ANCB's inauguration in 2009, we have welcomed guests from 58 countries at our Metropolitan Laboratory. Together with 81 academic partners we have been able to hold 133 university design studios involving 2718 participants from various disciplines, 360 faculty members and 858 guest critics. Together with 52 industry and 97 institutional partners we have been able to conceptualise 191 public debates involving 1525 speakers and 15722 public audience members.

ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory, is a unique hybrid cultural, enquiry and educational platform focusing on the future of our cities. ANCB has received great international recognition. As well as being acclaimed as a one-of-a-kind, innovative start-up by the German government in 2011, ANCB has ongoing collaborations with leading universities, the cultural agencies of many nations, government and non-governmental institutions, social and technological research institutes and industry partners.

As a cultural brand with a globally effective USP, collaboration with ANCB generates public exposure, both to an informed public audience and an international group of specialists, as well as unique access to a broad spectrum of fresh ideas generated by the next generation of design professionals. Working with ANCB offers the opportunity to create international programmes at the intersection between technology, design, behaviour and culture, balancing and bringing together the demands of innovation, urban improvement and economic expectations.

By joining ANCB, we invite you to challenge yourself, the experts, society and us by redefining the question of what the future is and what tools and potentials are needed to prepare for the next year, decade or century. Question the consultants, re-evaluate the parameters and recognise your own inherent knowledge.


Building upon three decades of expertise in the communication of architecture culture, in 2009 the internationally renowned Aedes Architecture Forum established an additional urban research and workshop programme - ANCB.



In collaboration with our international partners, ANCB offers programmes on a broad range of challenges facing our urban environments, including:


ANCB partners with some of the world’s most highly regarded universities, institutions and enterprises and connects them to the public. We integrate our partners into a high-profile international network of pioneering city-makers and visionary urban thinkers. They join an exciting research agenda that critically assesses the status quo from multiple perspectives. We invest in cultivating long-term relationships of collaboration, visionary growth and continuous learning. Our partners recognise ANCB as a cultural brand with a strong reputation and trajectory. They are both contributors to and beneficiaries of our original ideas, distinctively universal perspectives and international network.

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