for the Symposium 'Perception in Architecture. HERE and NOW' at ANCB from 27 June to 28 June
DEADLINE 28 March 2014

As an interdisciplinary cultural platform, ANCB does not focus solely on any single knowledge field or topic. Instead it aims to bring together a range of different viewpoints and areas of expertise in order to stimulate a multi-faceted dialogue with an international outlook. The symposium Perception in Architecture. HERE and NOW in collaboration with the University of Sydney is part of the ANCB programme ‘No Space Without Traits’, and invites critical contributions by academics, artists, architects, designers and curators to reflect upon new spatial concepts and thus access ‘new spaces’ of definitions and perspectives, strategies and processes of perception in architecture.

The definitions of space are as diverse as the disciplines in which it plays a fundamental role - from science to philosophy, art and architecture - and within each field the assessments of space are often simplified or reduced. With such an approach, we refuse ourselves access to ‘new spaces’, whose definitions and perspectives, strategies and processes of perception from all fields of human activity are too rarely considered in a cohesive manner. This is where the ANCB programme ‘No Space Without Traits’ comes in: particularly through artistic approaches, it aims to open doors into spatial worlds that until now have remained closed. This programme enables investigations from different methodologies, practices and objectives from art and science, based on creative, behavioural and cultural science positions and processes.

With the symposium we aim to generate a stimulated discourse focused on but not limited to the following themes:

The symposium is open to the public and will also serve as a kick-off event for a two week- long design studio for architecture students of the University of Sydney that will take place at the ANCB.

Please send your abstract and a short separate CV to Dr. Claudia Perren ([email protected]) and Miriam Mlecek ([email protected]). Abstracts, if accepted, will be published on the ANCB website. Full papers, if accepted, will be presented at the symposium and published in a catalogue PERCEPTION in Architecture. HERE and NOW. To facilitate double-blind peer reviewing of the abstracts and papers, no references to the author, institution or any other form of identification may be included in the paper itself. Please name your abstract / paper: Title_Perception_ANCB2014.

For queries contact
Dr Claudia Perren, [email protected], The University of Sydney (USYD)
Miriam Mlecek, [email protected], ANCB

Important dates:
Abstracts (500 words, plus references, 3-5 images ) due: 28 March 2014
Accepted abstracts announced: 25 April 2014
Full paper (2500 words, plus references, 3-5 images) due: 30 May 2014
Symposium: 27 June to 28 June 2014

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