Enquiry Week 'Water as Ritual'
22 - 29 August 2014


Call for proposals, ideas, information and papers from the fields of architecture/design, ethnology, health, religious studies, science etc concerned with water in a ritual context for an ANCB enquiry week with our collaboration partner AXOR Hansgrohe.

Deadline for submissions: 1 May 2014 to [email protected]
Kick-off symposium: 22 August 2014
Workshop: 23 - 28 August 2014
Final Presentation: 29 August 2014
Place: ANCB The Metropolitan Laboratory, Christinenstr. 18-19 (Pfefferberg), 10119 Berlin

As an interdisciplinary cultural platform, ANCB does not focus solely on any single knowledge field or topic. Instead it aims to bring together a range of different viewpoints and areas of expertise in order to stimulate a multi-faceted dialogue with an international outlook. In ANCB’s general agenda a number of critical issues are identified as ‘urban challenges’. The knowledge generated from each ANCB project, interconnects with these crucial themes to deepen a multi-faceted understanding, made openly accessible in the ANCB ‘Living Archive’. Resource consumption and particularly the issue of water is one of these ‘urban challenges’, which is continuously explored on different levels.

For the preparation of the enquiry week "Water as Ritual", which will consist of a symposium and a subsequent workshop in Berlin, ANCB seeks proposals, ideas, information and papers from the fields of architecture/design, ethnology, health, religious studies, science etc. concerned with water in a ritual context and related to the questions below.

This enquiry week in collaboration with AXOR Hansgrohe will focus on the relevance and value of water in connection with spiritual, cultural, social, health-and wellness-related, technological or everday rituals. Based on the function of water, the element’s role for structuring everyday life, planning and awareness at the interface of water, man and nature will be analyzed. The perception of water influenced by cultural backgrounds and disciplines is reflected in various formats of rituals. The power over and the use of water includes economic, cultural as well as religious aspects on a global level, raising the questions: What are today's rituals for water in everyday life? What is the relationship between space - ritual - water? Are new typologies needed? Does water in rituals change our perception of space on all scales-from the private to the public? And can water act through rituals as a catalyst for future planning and development approaches?

Submissions: Please send abstracts, information, links, ideas and proposals (1 A4 page max. as PDF or links in the e-mail body together with a short information about yourself) by May 1st to: [email protected]. Please also indicate if you would be interested in participating in the enquiry week workshop.

In Collaboration with AXOR Hansgrohe

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