M√ľnster School of Architecture
17 - 22 May 2014

The Living Archive Course aims to review the future of archiving natural history by redefining the idea of "greenhouse" in the context of climate change.

The project will explore how individual and collective definitions of archive, institutional memory, site specificity, and material economies regard to global warming and climate induced migration. Reviewing this definition will serve as probes to consider and give alternative notions about how these conditions (social, atmospheric and geographic) are changing the way we see and build cultural and spatial production.

The architectural archetype of the greenhouse, as a ready-made and boundary object, will be considered in order to mediate ideas about archival spaces and future landscapes. This in the spirit of nurturing ideas about ecological networks whilst looking at greenhouses as essential representations of environmental form and contemporary spatial practice.

Studio coordinator: Luis Berríos-Negrón

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