ReTooling the Trades

ReTooling the Trades is about equipping the capable urban practitioner with an upgraded set of working methods, approaches, strategies, processes and systems for effective and responsible professional practice. It builds on the outcomes of the successful ANCB debate series Design & Politics: The Next Phase and ascribes to the same underpinning ideological position about a more politically engaged spatial design and planning profession.

Through discussion, design studio and other formats, ReTooling the Trades will present and explore examples of new ‘tools of the trade’ that are emerging in spatial design practices in the Netherlands and elsewhere. Included, for example, are tools that better explain conditions, envision futures, create frameworks, stimulate a building culture, generate new knowledge, communicate proposals, as well as tools that make better buildings and spaces. As with all ANCB programmes, these events will make reference to key urban themes - e.g. smart city, heritage, mobility, spatial perception, region as city – and will generate new ideas around these themes.

ReTooling the Trades continues the established collaboration between ANCB and The Embassy of the Netherlands in Berlin, following ‘Missions in Architecture’ (2008) and Design & Politics: The Next Phase (2011/12). As with these previous collaborations, ReTooling the Trades expands the collaboration to include German and international partners.

Upcoming Events

In preparation. To be announced shortly.

Past Events
#3 Extending Smartness
15 October 2014
Watch video recording online

#2 City-Climate-Architecture. Climate and Adaptation
1 July 2014
Watch video recording online

#1 Region as City: The Spatial Interdependencies Beyond the City
12 May 2014

For more information please contact Miriam Mlecek, [email protected].

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