As an independent non-profit organisation, ANCB is indebted to many whose generous donations have aided the establishment of the physical and intellectual infrastructure critical to ANCB’s exploration of a collective urban intelligence and the realisation of the many events that have taken place here.

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ANCB Research Partners are companies and institutions with whom ANCB collaboratively develops a thematic programme that is branded and promoted accordingly. Research partners are appreciative of the role of research in the generation of sustainable solutions for existing and future urban environments. The research partner’s contribution includes substantial support of ANCB’s physical and intellectual infrastructure. They contribute knowledge and experience to the collaboratively developed programme and are co-editors of the published outcome. They benefit from, and have available to them, the reflection and findings generated by the visionary and interdisciplinary nature of these enquiries.

Research Partner contribution:

Branding - The partner’s name and logo is included in the communication of the ANCB programme:

Further advantages:


Linking with ANCB’s interdisciplinary network presents the opportunity for a wide exchange of knowledge and experience, keeping our partners at the forefront of urban development, while also opening up avenues for new business directions. ANCB is the catalyst to bring diverse participants together. As a well-respected and neutral cultural platform with a vast, international network, ANCB is ideally placed to form multiple connections between participants from different fields and locations, more accustomed to competing than partnering with each other, and to bring this knowledge and potential together in a productive collaboration. Our partners both enable and gain from the international exchange and public discussion of the global challenges facing our cities of today and tomorrow.

Our partners are given the opportunity to brand their enterprise via the activities and communication channels of ANCB, which possesses a high international image in the fields of architecture, design, planning, new technologies and related disciplines. In addition, our partners are invited to actively initiate individual projects with ANCB and its international network.

Our communication directly reaches 15,000 newsletter subscribers worldwide and is disseminated further through global channels of sub-networks, online information services, social networks, trade magazines and newspapers to reach between 100,000 and 250,000 people per event.

Our target group includes:

Since its inception in 2009, ANCB has realised:

191 Public Debates with 1535 speakers and moderators and a total audience of 15722. 133 University Design Studios with 2718 students, 360 faculty members and 858 guest critics and has collaborated with universities and institutions from 58 countries.

We invite you to join us in continuing the success of ANCB and our international network.

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