Student-focussed discussions on approachs, methods and thought practices of architecture and urban design

2 JUNE 2015: THILO FOLKERTS, 100 Landschaftsarchitektur, Berlin
A talk on open space in Berlin and approaches to identifying the potential of sites.
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9 JUNE 2015: HENDRIK TIEBEN, Chinese University Hong Kong
A talk on Magic Carpet project prompting civic engagement and activating public space local communities.
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16 JUNE 2015: EDUARD KÖGEL, ANCB & Habitat Unit TU Berlin
A talk on the "Messy Layer" idea: space for the unplanned, open zoning; informal development around a large scale structure.

23 JUNE 2015: SUSANNE HOFMANN, die Baupiloten
talked on public participation models and methods, and on her recently published book Architecture is Participation. (A recent event >> at the ANCB presented the book to the public.)
Video (Part 1) >>
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30 JUNE 2015: JULIAN BUSCH, eleven architecture,
GABRIELE FOWLER, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Two talks followed: Julian Busch presented his Unseen Berlin projects and his methodology. Gabriele Fowler spoke on Interspace, discussing spatial and temporary formation of sensory communities within interior environments.
(Videos coming soon.)

7 JULY 2015: CHRISTOF MAYER, raumlaborberlin
A talk about the work of the raumlaborberlin studio, presenting ways to interact with the urban space.
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14 JULY 2015: ROBERT NADLER, Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography, Leipzig
A short presentation of Plug and Play, a social geography research, followed by a workshop on mental mapping.
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21 JULY 2015: CHRISTIAN GÄNSHIRT, Architect and Writer, Associate Professor of Architectural Theory at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in Suzhou, China
Presentation around his book Tools for Ideas: An Introduction to Architectural Design.
(Video coming soon.)

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