Unseen Energy by Patricia Paauw and Abigail Sy

Unseen Energy is built upon a simple, but radical idea. What if light were a material? This question guided the research team throughout the project and inspired them to speculate about the metaphysical power of light in space. The final design for a non-profit organization in Manila’s Smokey Mountain Dump site was refreshing, visionary and profoundly powerful.

The Manila team challenged the very definition of light and pushed the boundaries of what it can do for any kind of workplace around the world. Unseen Energy conceptualizes light as a potential building material that can recreate faraway places and adapt to personal preferences. The immersive lighting system is programmed to reconfigure the workspace and give social workers access to different environments that can be instantly created through light. Beyond its visual properties, the system incorporates additional features such as sanitation and security.

Download the Manila Proposal here (10 MB)


Collaborative Project


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