Reflect | Reveal by Cassandra Perry, Eduardo Ramirez, Isabella Zulli, Leanne Noh

The final case study and design proposal from Sydney was a former warehouse converted to offices. To maximize floor space and take advantage of the high ceilings three stories were retrofitted into a building that originally had two. Four students from UTS analyzed an innovation office that occupies the second floor of the warehouse, which was squeezed into the first and third with barely any windows and access to natural light. To make matters more complicated, the building is under historical preservation and the façade cannot be modified.

The research team from UTS proposed a holistic solution the workspace, by doing a careful analysis of natural lighting conditions and thinking resourcefully about smart opportunities. A sophisticated system of mirrors, partition and personal lights maximized natural light sources, gave individuals more control and flattened out spatial hierarchies. Reflecting upon the social potential of light, their systematic approach embraced diversity in the workspace as a matter of fact and developed a lighting system that supported cultural differences, all age groups and working personalities. Integrating personal workspace dynamics to lighting and acoustic concepts, the team also zoned the office according to use and mood, designed the appropriate furniture and circulation. Their proposal included an app that empowers individual employees to make choices and control their own environments.

Download the Sydney Proposal here (13,3 MB)


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