SoFA Design Institute, Manila
26 September – 06 October 2016

Manila Meets Berlin

SoFA Design Institute is a young college of design located in the burgeoning megalopolis that is contemporary Manila. The agenda of our first ANCB studio was motivated by the question of how a designer might be influenced in a positive way by the dislocation and disorientation experienced when suddenly immersed in a foreign milieu. For this reason we began our investigations almost immediately after arriving in Berlin.

Our approach in this class considered design first and foremost as cultural work - and we assigned to the designers a responsibility to make visible the vague outlines of their overlapping and sometimes habitual cultural biases.  By blending personal interests with compassionately imagined client stories, the students were motivated to consider an architecture in the service of society. Through the medium of narrative design, they were also able to conjure an architecture that expressed their own creative impulse.

Studio coordinators: Tobias Guggenheimer


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