Manchester School of Architecture
17 – 23 October 2016

Berlin Culture

At the Manchester School of Architectures' "Urban and Spatial Experimentation“ Studio, each student is challenged to form an individual concept and program based on a thorough site analysis. The projects follow a (personal) narrative that is born out of the site’s history and its inherent potential which then transforms into an urban/spatial strategy and/or a building/structure that is developed through all design stages. Students are encouraged to cross boundaries to different disciplines and in particular the Arts in order to generate holistic spatial solutions that follow a clear concept and narrative.

The topic for this year was to develop projects and spatial strategies that investigate Berlin Culture. Berlin is one of the most popular cities in the world where many young people are moving due to its creative character and the relatively low cost living. But there is growing tension in the society caused by gentrification and its rising living costs. Will the boom eventually destroy Berlin Culture? What is Berlin Culture and how can it evolve? This theme will be explored within the context of two proposed sites: the Kulturforum and various small sites along a busy major inner-city street.

The projects should explore the relationship between freedom and control in city development and ask the question what functions a „forum“ can have for the city. How could planning and building strategies react to these issues and negotiate the complex realities of Berlin Culture and its implications on other aspects of Berlin Life.

Download the results here (11,6 MB)

Studio coordinator: Karsten Huneck

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