University of Melbourne
7 - 18 August 2017

Unlivable Berlin

The city of Berlin has undergone several periods of significant trauma and transformation. Growing out of two world wars, living through three decades of east-west division followed by re-unification, and more recent bankruptcy. More than most, Berlin has a pronounced history of social exclusion and ideological seclusion. In this context the studio addressed the question of how does a city express its hostilities and how, as architects, can we foster cities of inclusion. Architecture, landscape and urban design students were asked to consider what it means to accommodate the excluded, and to redress cultural hostilities through architecture and urban thinking.

With the Molkenmarkt as test site, the students explored new typologies and designs for places that are "impossible" to build on - central sites with challenging parameters. Temporary and flexible housing typology mixes and experiments proved to be indispensable in the context of a constantly changing society. 

Download the results here (8,1 MB)

Studio Coordinators: Michael Roper, Catherine Duggan


Enquiry Programme

Supported by the IKEA Foundation.


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