Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)
2 –15 September 2017

Museums: art, culture, spectacle, access

For the fourth time students of RMIT came to ANCB for a two-week studio. Having begun to explore questions concerning the museum in the Melbourne context, students continued to focus on museum accessibility and the role of exhibition design, participation, digital technology and the pop-up in facilitating this. The case study was the exemplary Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW, House of World Culture) and the project aimed to take the HKW out into neighbourhoods and to people who would not normally visit the museum.

Working in small groups, students selected key HKW exhibitions and/or events (past or present) and re-curated them in a series of strategically situated, purpose designed, mini-museums or satellite pop-ups around Berlin. They focused on neighbourhoods with diverse ethno-cultural demographics, and curated the content and designed the mini-museum/pop-up environments in consideration of the local community and with a view to celebrating cultural diversity and sharing.

Studio Coordinators: Prof. Caroline Vains, Georgie Morgan


Enquiry Programmes

The works produced during the studio were exhibited and discussed during the symposium Australia now Germany 2017. MUSEUM AS ACTIVATOR: Strategies for Public Space and Access, 14–15 September 2017 at ANCB.


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