University of Kentucky
4 June - 12 July 2018

Architectonic Characters in the City: Berlin

PROJECT 1: Fabricating Play: Berlin
Fabricating Play explores the use of the systematic processes of digital design and fabrication directed towards the development of largevscale interactive objects. The prototypes consider the relationship to human scale and proportion, materiality, and method of fabrication and assembly, in this case flattened templates that fold into the final product. The result, architectonic characters based on abstracted animal forms presented as proposals for distribution on sites throughout Berlin’s Tiergarten.

PROJECT 2: Housing Prototypes for the Schumacher Quartier
The University of Kentucky (UK/CoD) architectural design studio led this summer by Associate Professor Jason Scroggin focuses on the development of new housing typologies for the Schumacher Quartier in Berlin. Each student worked through iterative modeling exercises to consider the potential of the building form to enhance the relationship between its inhabitants and the city by juxtaposition of a select public program and the private nature of living within the constraints of the urban context. 

Studio Coordinators: Jason Scroggin, Samantha Neat


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