Iowa State University, City College New York & German University of Technology in Oman
8 June - 5 July 2019

Berlin Glass Box

The 2019 International Berlin Summer Summer School has been developed as collaboration between the City College New York, German University of Technology in Oman and Iowa State University. The challenges of a changing climate is one key parameter to be considered for new architectural concepts. It is predicted that Berlin will have climate conditions of Mid-Italy in the midst of this century. All design concept has to consider these changing environmental conditions, when building a structure that will exceed this time-frame. The program operates as a workshop with daily activities, trips, visits, charrettes, lectures, and a final design project, which sets out to research and then apply environmental and other context related parameters to the design of structure, layout and building envelope in a given urban context of Berlin, Germany.

Given that 1919 the founding of the Bauhaus marked the start of a new era in Architecture, when the end of the First World War led to a break with the past. New materials and production methods enabled buildings unimaginable just a few years before. New approaches to glass changed architecture for the decades to come. This year the program requests the 24 students from the three universities to develop a Glass Box Extension to the FREIRAUM in the Box, Boxhagener Strasse, Berlin. The objective of this year’s summer program in Berlin is to engage with glass in a critical and innovative way to highlight and engage the existing historic building in a meaningful way. The program for this glass enclosure should be simple: an exhibit space, café, lobby or gallery. Students will engage with several parametric modeling programs (i.e. Sefaira, Revit w/ Solar Radiation PlugIn, Daylight PlugIn, Rhino DIVA and Grasshopper and CoolVent will be used to predict performance criteria and add input to the design process.

Final Review
Friday, 5 July, 1 pm - 6 pm at ANCB, Christinenstr. 18-19, 10119 Berlin
All are welcome!

Studio Coordinators
Prof. Ulrike Passe, Iowa State University
Prof. Christian Volkmann, City College New York
Prof. Ahu Aydogan, City College New York
Prof. Yee Lin, City College New York
Prof. Alexander Kader, German University of Technology in Oman


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