Pratt Berlin
4–27 July 2022


An interdisciplinary group of students from Pratt Institute New York envisions alternative futures for the decommissioned (airport) Flughafen Tegel. The studies focus on the main terminal building’s unique capacity to flexibly adapt to transitory uses, allowing it to serve acute needs through initiatives of social entrepreneurship and civic engagement.

Students of architecture, communications design, graphic design, interior design and historical preservation majors spend 4 weeks in Berlin for an inter-departmental summer program,  Pratt Berlin, led by professors Gisela Baurmann and Jonas Coersmeier.

Partnering universities in Berlin are Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, Universität der Künste, Berlin and the ANCB Campus hosting the group

The Berlin Summer Program is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service with a grant in their Group Study Visit Program.

The 2011 installment of the program also developed after-use concepts for another iconic airport structure in Berlin – Tempelhof Airport.

Tara Hopp , MS Historic Preservation, and Omar Aqeel, MFA Interior Design, intend to reinvent the understanding and definitions of the archive, as they tackle the waste stream of runway tarmac.
Melissa Thompson, BFA Graphic Design, and Taylor Hoerr, M. Arch Architecture, reimagined and are redesigning Tegel’s main hexagonal terminal into a self-sustaining food bank and urban farm.
Neha Murali, B. Arch Architecture, and Frankie Kuo, MFA Communications Design, speculated the future state of global climate crisis in year 2030, and are building narratives reflecting a permanent Tegel Climate Refugee Protection Center.
Their main formats of output are be video-aided narrative, in addition to other diagrammatic and textual materials created using their respective disciplinary skill sets.
More information and student work

Studio Coordinator: Gisela Baurmann and Jonas Coersmeier

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