University of Kentucky

Kapsel Haus; micro architecture

11 June - 13 July 2023

In this design studio, students are provided with a platform to embark on an exploration centered around the potential narratives that can be woven into architectural creations. The studio's focus lies in the analysis and amalgamation of fantastical realms, encouraging fresh juxtapositions of figure-ground conditions, and nurturing the development of architectural elements to foster novel interactions between inhabitants and the urban environment.

Through the intentional selection and harnessing of influential phenomena, the studio seeks to uncover a new underlying organisational logic of space. The goal is to utilise these insights to craft impactful constructions at building scale, within the context of an urban setting. By undertaking this approach, the design studio offers a starting point for investigating the captivating fictions that can emerge through the thoughtful analysis and fusion of imaginative worlds.

Emphasising the connections between architectural elements and their surroundings, students are encouraged to envision and create enriching experiences for both inhabitants and the city itself. The studio thus becomes a space of creative exploration, enabling students to push the boundaries of design and reimagine the potential of architectural storytelling.

Studio Coordinator: Prof. Jason Scroggin with Kay Bailey

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