AAVS Urban Phoenix Berlin 2023

11 August 2023

The AAVS Urban Phoenix Berlin 2023 program is centered on the focal point of the ICC, Berlin. This iteration delves into the practical realms of urban and architectural innovation, alongside purposeful public interventions.

The core objective is the strategic reconfiguration of the urban structure, employing the principles of place-making to forge a new identity for the area. On the urban level, the emphasis is on streamlining the street-scape, envisioning seamless transitions for future accessibility and infusing the ground-floor area with a dynamic programme.

At the architectural level, the mission entails the formulation of a design proposition that aligns the building with future demands, while remaining rooted in the ethos of sustainable planning and circular design.

The exploration doesn't conclude there—it ventures into the realm of direct interaction. This aspect involves a meticulous analysis, expanding the frontiers of public and private spaces through innovative spatial paradigms.

For more information about the future of the summer school check the website.

Studio Coordinator: Edith Wunsch

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