École Spéciale d'Architecture
17 - 20 September 2009


Students from the École Spéciale d’Architecture (ESA), Paris will address the theme of Berlin's urban borders, developing proposals to overcome and, where appropriate, reinforce these border conditions.

In the wake of the Berlin Wall's removal is a residue of interstitial spaces. Some can still be experienced in their original state while others have developed their own character. For the most part, their integration into larger urban developments has eliminated them altogether.
The history of the Berlin Wall, its demolition and consequent developments prompt us to take a closer look at Berlin's less noticed urban borders. Borders created by big roads, railway lines, waterways as well as specific sites like the Zoo and the government area.

The task for the students will be to find various solutions to deal with these urban borders. In the Tiergarten area (West City) we find a cluster of borders dividing areas of significant spatial and social diversity. This raises the question as to which of these should be kept, removed or bridged.

Students are open to choose their presentation method, however the concept and architectural intervention should be presented in a clear and bold manner.

Studio Coordinator: Odile Decq, Head of School; Marie-Helene Fabre, Academic Head; Karsten Huneck & Bernd Truempler (osa), Unit Leaders

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