SAUL Intelligence Unit 2011
University of Limerick

10 - 16 June 2011

Ireland is a compact place, relatively unstudied, and that with some concentrated effort we might be able to direct some attention to Island Life, and the Living Space we've created on it, as a basic conditioning aspect of this society. Research on the Island, about it's living space, is new. The kind of living space we have created of the island is unique, and...we know very little about it, this island and what exactly we've done to it.

With this in mind SAUL Intelligence Unit 2011 this summer will continue to carry out research on Ireland's 'Living Space' by focusing on Fingal and Mayo, two very different counties in two very different regions of the island.

The 10 day workshop in ANCB will focus on information gathering and mapping and will involve both active research and open dialogue with SAUL students, SAUL staff and visiting guest reviewers

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