Cinema of the Future 2010
Berlin Motion
University of Applied Arts, Vienna

13–20 February 2010

An initiative by ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory in collaboration with the project Berlinale goes Kiez by the 60th International Film Festival Berlin

Berlin as a city of great importance for the advancement of European film making and the International Fim Festival Berlin as one of the world's most prestigious cultural events both create an exciting, unique context for the workshop. Participants will be given access to selected performances within the Berlinale schedule, such as the symposium "Berlinale Keynotes 2010". The location of the workshop at the ANCB The Metroplitan Laboratory in Prenzlauer Berg will place the participants in the heart of one of the world's most vibrant and lively capitals.

The studio explores the notions of registration, representation and transformation of architectural space through motion media such as film/video and digital animation techniques. Students will design architectural solutions for specific locations throughout central Berlin. The installations will serve as media performance spaces/places that address the potential of integrating informal public cinema into urban space.

Students capture dynamic urban scenarios at selected locations in Berlin on video film. They edit the captured footage to a short film sequence that describes a specific spatial dynamic of the chosen location of interest. The film sequence will be the point-of-departure for a proposal for an architectural structure that will address the identified characteristics of the space architecturally and function as a venue for informal public performance at the given location. Students will exclusively use tools for film editing and animation to explore both the qualities of their architectural proposal and their representation. Presentation medium for the final proposals will be short animated movies and large prints of sequential images. The work will be presented to an international jury of architects who will visit the studio.


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