The Why Factory, TU Delft
18 - 29 April 2010

The Future of the Past

led by Winy Maas, Alexander Sverdlov, Ulf Hackauf, Felix Madrazo and Jeronimo Mejia

The Why Factory is an chair and thinktank led by Winny Maas at TU Delft. It concentrates on the production of models and visualizations for Future Cities. The research on the Future City is undertaken through the interactive composition of three strategies; namely speculating on possible theoretical models in the model city program, making counter proposals for existing cities and storing knowledge through a evolutionary gaming programs. The Why Factory runs independent research projects, PhD programmes, master studios, postgraduate studios, master classes, debates and workshops.

This workshop at ANCB, titled the Future of the Past, aims to brainstorm possible future scenarios in a complex urban setting using innovative representation means. Berlin provides a multilayered fabric which reveals a its historic depth but provides flexibility for urban innovation. Students research the past of different sites in Berlin and project possible future scenarios along a timeline. The analysis is from bird's eye views, an angle that provides an overview yet preserves the human urban perception. Outcomes should reveal specifics the sites in Berlin and generic concepts on the Future CIty.

A short exhibition of the work of this Unit opens at 6.30pm on Thursday 29. April, and continues between 10am-5pm on Friday 30 April and Monday 3 May. The students will be present at the opening to explain their work, and all are welcome to attend.


Images: All Students
Storyline Editing: Neslihan Parmaksizoglu And Timur Karimullin

2010    Today
2060    University Village
2110    Historical Protection
2160    Climate Change
2210    Desert
2260    Destruction By The Desert
2310    Oasis
2360    Science Center
2410    Water Production
2460    Water Corporation
2510    Domination Of The Corporation
2560    Liberation
2610    Aqua-Village


Images: All Students
Storyline Editing: Kuba Skalimowski And Riemer Postma

2010    The Destination For Shopping In The City
2060    Shopping Culture Flourishes In The Area
2110    The Economy Based On Shopping Collapses
2160    The Climate Change Makes Africa Uninhabitable - Refugees Invade Berlin
2210     Food Becomes Scarce, Social Division Emerges
2260    Food Is A Luxury - Produced And Sold By The Rich
2310    The Rich Versus The Poor - Conflict Grows
2360     Riots Shake The City!
2410    New Technology Introduced For Food Production – Tensions Dissolve
2460    The City Slowly Recovers From The Crisis
2510    The Growth Continues
2560    New Way Of Transportation Prompts A New City Grid
2610    Tropical Climate Spreads To Berlin


Images: All Students
Storyline Editing: Gretha Kuurstra And Eliot Rosenberg

2010    Today
2060    Marzahn Megamall
2110    New Highways Attract More Shoppers
2160    Ikea Takes Over Entire Complex
2210    Urban Centre Created
2260    Residential Quarter Formed
2310    Avenues Swallowed By Complex
2360    High Density Housing Built
2410    Residential Expansion Outside Complex
2460    Social Problems
2510    Security Wall Built
2560    Red Light District Formed
2610    Booming Tourism Industry


Images: All Students
Storyline Editing: Sijme Van Jaarsveld And Johannes Drechsler

2010     Financial Crisis
2060    Gentrification Along Riverside, Housing Extending Towards Sky
2110    Enormous Growth People, More Housing Needed    
2160    Growth Commercial/Leisure Activities Along Friedrichstrasse
2210    Friedrischstrasse 2.0 Created    
2260    Pollution / Poison On Groundlevel
2310    (Rich) People Move Up
2360    Farming On Top: New Resources. Favelas At Ground Level.
2410    Less Resources / Food > War.    
2460    Start Solution For Neutralising The Pollution
2510    Start Using Nature To Serve And Protect The Society
2560    Bring More Nature In
2610    Nature Covers Most Oft The City


Images: All Students
Storyline Editing: Yushang Zhang And Maarten Filius

2010    Today
2060     Decrease The Level Of The Land
2110     River Bank Replaced By More Leisure, Resulting In Parks
2160     Water Lever Goes Down And Beaches Form A Pedestrian System
2210     Hotels Are Build On The Place Of The Parks
2260     Surrounding Density Increase
2310     New Layer Develops Both Upwards And Downwards
2360    Another New Layer Is Added
2410    The Museum Island Has Become A Museum Valley
2460     A New Pedestrian System Inside Is Created
2510     The Pedestrian Is Covered By Plants
2560     All The Old Museums Are Lifted To Set The Ground Free To Be A Park
2610    Another New City Layer Is Connected With It

Nikolai Viertel

Images: All Students
Storyline Editing: Jan Michael Twilfer And Rajiu Sewtahal

2010    Today
2060    City Gets Densified
2110    New Housing Structure Over Nikolai Viertel
2160    Old Buildings Disappear And Water Moves In
2210    1000 Years Berlin / Temporary Tribune Structure
2260    Preserved/Plastified Church Area
2310    Nikolai Viertel Becomes An Island
2360    Leisure Moves In
2410    Beach Island
2460    New Structure, Leisure On Top
2510    Support Structure Gets Demolished / Hovering Buildings
2560    Snowball Church Area / New Preservation Dome
2610    Snowball Church Area / Controlled Weather Dome


Images: All Students
Storyline Editing: Karel Van Der Kaaij And Alfred Ho

2010    Today
2060    Sony Centers Gains Power – New Financial District Established
2110    Financial Segregation Begins – Shift In Climate Difficult For Poor
2160    Financial Fortress Becomes Independent City – Poverty Devastates Berlin
2210    Financial Fortress Under Attack! – Deteriorating Climate Sparks Riots
2260    Fortress Destroyed – Survivors Settle In Rubble Of Basement Foundation
2310    Inverted City – Climate Drives City Downwards
2360    Berlin Expands Beneath Old Infrastructure– Climate Research Commences
2410    Previous Population Reached – Experimentation On Surface Gives Hope
2460    First Structure On Surface – Government Reconstructs Potsdamerplatz
2510    Surface Available To Public – Amusement Park Built
2560    Citizens Adjust To Sunlight – Surface Altered To Let In Light
2610    Mysterious Liquid Flushes Out Citizens – Residence Return To The Surface


Images: All Students
Storyline Editing: Eduard Lepp And Christy Sze

2010    Governmental District
2060    Berlin Becomes EU Capital
2110    Corruption Leads To Bankruptcy
2160    Privatization Of Government
2210    Reichstag Becomes New Ideal For High Quality Residential Buildings
2260    Technology As New Life Style
2310    Technocrats Rule The Country
2360    Revolution Against Technocratic Elite
2410    Uprising Of New Spirituality
2460    Take-Over Of New Religion
2510    Collapse Of Religious System
2560    Way Towards Apatheism
2610    Equilibrium


Images: All Students
Storyline Editing: Sebastian Haufe

2060    Economic Miracle: New Highrise Offices Are Built
2110    Refurbished Houses And More High-Rise Offices
2160    The Water Level Rises. People Start Squatting The Offices
2210    A Dike Is Built
2260    The Dike Becomes A Housing Project
2310    New Infrastructure Between Dike And Squatted Offices
2360    The Dike Breaks And The Area Is Flooded
2410    A New Transportation System Links The Inhabitant Buildings Of Berlin
2460    New Plants For Food Are Growing On The Sea And On Floating Platforms
2510    Saltwater Gets Turned Into Freshwater / New Floating Buildings Constructed
2560    The New Structure Starts To Overgrow The Old
2610    A New Land Is Formed. People Inhabit The Salt Mountain

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