University of Limerick
25 July - 11 August 2010


While looking out from Shannon airport terminal it seems strange that we seldom look upon airports in the way we did and sometimes still do, as harbours, connected as they are to distant places, while being places in themselves, intimately connected to and impacting upon their immediate environment.

The wider question posed by the SAUL Intelligence Unit is about the future of SNN. How will tourism, travel, aviation, development, infrastructure, nature, landscape and living within the Shannon Region develop? How can Shannon Airport, as a key strategic global link, work to best maximize those advantages and opportunities both regionally and nationally.

Duty Free was invented at SNN. The only US Custom and Border Protection located outside of the US is in SNN, stretching this international boundary across the Atlantic. 20% of Irish GDP is produced in the Shannon gateway. SNN is connected to some of the world’s most beautiful landscape in Shannon estuary.

Despite these strong characteristics SNN’s future is uncertain. A process of re-visioning SNN, in the shape of the contemporary society is now necessary. This process must start by understanding clearly what exists, why it is the way it is, how it works, how it is joined and networked.

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