Perception in Architecture. HERE AND NOW
27 - 28 June 2014

In collaboration with the University of Sydney.

Date: Friday, 27 June 2014, 9:30am-5:30pm. Saturday, 28 June 2014, 9:30am-12:30pm
Place: ANCB The Metropolitan Laboratory,  Christinenstr. 18-19 (Pfefferberg), 10119 Berlin

The definitions of space are as diverse as the disciplines in which it plays a fundamental role - from science to philosophy, art and architecture - and within each field the assessments of space are often simplified or reduced. With such an approach, we refuse ourselves access to 'new spaces', whose definitions and perspectives, strategies and processes of perception from all fields of human activity are too rarely considered in a cohesive manner. This is where the ANCB theme 'No Space Without Traits' comes in: particularly through artistic approaches, it aims to open doors into spatial worlds that until now have remained closed. This programme enables investigations from different methodologies, practices and objectives from art and science, based on creative, behavioural and cultural science positions and processes.

With the symposium we aim to generate a stimulated discourse focused on but not limited to the following themes:

- space as collective entity
- multiplicity of existence
- spatial truth in the here and now
- individual perception and the others
- physical, visual, sonic and virtual manifestations of space in relation to social, cultural, historical and political forces

The symposium is open to the public and will also serve as a kick-off event for a two week-long design studio for architecture students of the University of Sydney that will take place at ANCB.

Friday, 27 June 2014, 9:30am-5:30pm
9:30am - Welcome

Miriam Mlecek, Research Manager, ANCB, Berlin
Claudia Perren, PhD, Architect, Curator, Academic, University of Sydney, designated director of Bauhaus Dessau

9:40am - SPACES turned
Thea Brejzek, PhD, Professor of Spatial Theory at the Faculty for Design, Architecture and Building, University of Technology Sydney and Lawrence Wallen, PhD, Artist, Professor and Head of the School of Design at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Annett Zinsmeister, Artist, Architect, Professor of Visual Arts and Experimental Design, Berlin, Germany
Arnaud Hendrickx, PhD, Architect, KU Leuven, Belgium
Moderator: Claudia Perren

11:10am - beyond PERCEPTION
Chris Smith, PhD, Associate Professor in Architectural Design and Techné, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, University of Sydney, Australia

Tim Ireland, PhD, Architect, Senior Lecturer at the Leicester School of Architecture, Leicester, United Kingdom
Matthias Ballestrem, PhD, Architect, Guest Professor for Architectural Design, TU Berlin, Germany
Moderator: Miriam Mlecek

12:30pm - LUNCH break

1:30pm - proposed DIALOGUES

Gabi Schillig, Artist, Architect, Professor, Spatial Design, University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf, Germany

Marian Macken, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Suzhou, China
Holger Schurk, PhD candidate, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria and Senior Lecturer at the Zürich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland

Moderator: Claudia Perren

3:00pm - urban ACTION
Katharina Rohde, Architect, Curator, Social Designer, Urbanist, CUP, Berlin, Germany and Thireshen Govender, Architect, Urban Designer, URBANWORKS, Johannesburg, South Africa

Rena Tavernaraki, Architect, Athens, Greece
Anna Papadopoulou, Adjunct Professor at the Department of Architecture at the University of Nicosia and the University of Cyprus, Cyprus
Gabriele Fowler, PhD, InterSpace, Berlin, Germany
Moderator: Miriam Mlecek

5:00pm - BARBECUE in the ANCB garden
If you would like to participate in the barbecue, please let us know in your registration for the symposium (see below). Costs: 10€.

Saturday, 28 June 2014, 9:30am-12:30pm
9:30am - sensual IMMERSION

Malte Wagenfeld, PhD, Senior Lecturer of Industrial Design at the School of Architecture and Design, RMIT, Australia
Lindsay Webb, Director of Lull Studios, Sydney, Australia
Izabela Wieczorek, Architect, Associate Professor, Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark
Moderator: Claudia Perren

11:00am - experimental LENSES
Suzie Attiwil, PhD, Associate Professor of Interior Design and Deputy Dean of Learning and Teaching, RMIT School of Architecture and Design, Melbourne, Australia
Isun Kazerani, PhD candidate, University of Melbourne, Australia
William Feuerman, Architect, Course Director for the Bachelor of Design in Architecture Program, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Moderator: Miriam Mlecek

12:30pm - CONCLUDING statement
Miriam Mlecek, Research Manager, ANCB, Berlin
Claudia Perren, PhD, Architect, Curator, Academic, University of Sydney, designated director of Bauhaus Dessau

We would like to thank the University of Sydney for their support.

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