NO SPACE WITHOUT TRAITS. Using Interdisciplinary Perspectives to Explore Spatial Character

Space, from the scale of the room to the scale of the city and beyond, is the currency
 of architecture, urban design and spatial planning. Yet, both research and practice in these fields work with arguably out-of-date conceptual understandings of space. The prevailing, inherited lexicon is rarely reviewed for completeness, relevance or accuracy in describing the spatial conditions of today. Space also plays a fundamental role in the sciences and humanities, with each field using its own terminology, sometimes similarly unchallenged but often constantly evolving, as in cultural geography and the arts.

In order to evolve more a robust and up-to-date lexicon on space for contemporary urban practice, and to improve the general public’s ability to recognise the character of places, this theme draws from activities – research, fieldwork, and practice – in the arts and humanities, the sciences and design, to study the characteristics of current, real-life manifestations of spatial conditions and their scales. What do the spatial conditions of today reveal about the experience and functional scales of space? By learning from the arts, can a discourse on perception be generated, linking space to its political and social dimensions? Could the concepts evolved in cultural geography stimulate new types of visualisations capable of depicting the fluid, rather than static, nature of present-day space? Can the enquiry methodologies of design be combined with those from the sciences and humanities to reveal characteristics of contemporary spatial experience?

In Preparation. To be announced shortly.

Knowledge Spaces. Reaching out – Sharing  – Understanding: Spatial Expansion of Education and Culture
2018 - 2021

The Museum of the 21st Century. Content – Form – Image
2015 - 2017

Conference. Das Skizzenbuch in Zeiten der Digitalen Transformation
Video recording
10 Mai 2019

Public Debate. Premio Berlino Fellowship 2019
18 March 2019

Exhibition Talk. Álvaro Siza and the Bauhaus Legacy 
Video recording
Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Symposium. Extrovert Interior: Publicness and the Contemporary Museum
Video recording
26 January 2019

Exhibition Talk. Drawing on Sketchbooks
16 September 2018

Exhibition Talk. Speaking Through Sketchbooks
30 June 2018

Performance. Das Arbeitende Konzert (Revision IV-V) Komposition für ein variables Ensemble
16 - 17 Juni 2018

Public Debate. Premio Berlino Fellowship 2017-2018
Video recording
23 March 2018

Film screening. La Cupola from Dante Bini
24 November 2017

Symposium. Australia now Germany 2017. MUSEUM AS ACTIVATOR: Strategies for Public Space and Access
Video recording
14 and 15 September 2017

Conversation. Space On Demand
8 September 2017

Exhibition Talk. Hand-drawn Future. Architectural Drawing in the Digital Age

7 July 2017

Exhibition Talk. Constructing Culture. Hong Kong's West Kowloon Cultural District
Video recording
26 May 2017

Exhibition Talk. Design Cultures. 
Urban Research and Design Methods in Europe and Asia
Video Recording
31 March 2017

Conference. "ColourID“ – Farbstrategien in Architektur und Kommunikation
Video Recording
24 March 2017

Collaborative Research. Future Urbanscape: Berlin's Kulturforum
Summer 2015 - Spring 2016

Lecture and Exhibition. Architecture of Embodiment: an aesthetic research dispositive
7 October 2016

Public Debate. Museums and Cultural Spaces as Motor of Urban and Social Progress
Video recording
24 September 2016

Exhibition. Zai Xing Tu-Mu. Sixteen Chinese Museums. Fifteen Chinese Architects

26 August 2016

Podium Discussion. Museum Revisited
Video Recording
8 July 2016

Collaborative Research. Region as City: The Spatial Interdependencies Beyond the City
2012 - 2015

Dialogue. Daniel Libeskind and Tim Renner talk about Berlin
Video recording
29 June 2015

Public Debate. Jenseits der Architekturpornographie. Über die Möglichkeiten und Grenzen des Auditiven in Zeitschriften und Wettbewerben der Architektur
22 May 2015

Public Debate. homecomings, etc. Return and Delineation in Artistic Practice
10-11 October 2014

Public Debate. Dancing About Architecture
26 September 2014

Public Debate. Perception in Architecture. HERE and NOW
27-28 June 2014

Public Debate. Silence as Everyman's Right
22 May 2014

Public Debate. Architectural Display. Aktuelle Positionen zur Architekturausstellung
24 April 2014

Series. In-Between. Spatial Discourse in Visual Culture (2014 -2015)
17 January 2014

Public Debate. On Contemporary Polish Architecture
28 November 2013

Book Presentation and Podium Discussion. Sketch, Script, Score. Figures of Architectural Thinking
Video recording
14 December 2012

Reading. Blickwechsel. Begleitend zur Ausstellung „agps clues“ im Aedes Architekturforum
7 September 2012

Dialogue. Thomas Sieverts and Lars Lerup: Lacunas - The Middle Landscape. A dialogue moderated by Wolfgang Schäffner and Gunnar Hartmann
Video recording
23 January 2012

Dialogue. Koolhaas - Sloterdijk. An architectural-philosophical dialogue moderated by Stephan Trüby
Video recording
29 November 2011

Book Presentation. „Amster“ by Juan Guillermo Tejeda and Berlin Waterfronts 2011 Workshop Results
30 September 2011

Podium Discussion. The Third Degree: Migration and Space

10 June 2010

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