Seoul: Towards a Meta-City
Recent Urban Projects

Friday, 29 August 2014

An ANCB Symposium on the occasion of the opening of the Aedes exhibition "Seoul: Towards a Meta-City - Recent Urban Projects", in collaboration with the City of Seoul.

Seoul: Towards a Meta-City

Welcome and Introduction
Hans-Jürgen Commerell
, Director, ANCB The Metropolitan Laboratory, Berlin- 00:00:00 - 00:04:10
Lim Jae Yong
, OCA architects, Seoul - 00:04:15 - 00:06:28

Song In-Ho, Professor, University of Seoul - 00:06:30 - 00:43:03

Discussion - 00:43:20 - 01:48:00

Song In-Ho, Professor, University of Seoul
Shin Haewon, lokaldesign, Seoul
Choi Moon Gyu, Ga.A architects, Seoul
Francisco E. Sanin
, Director, Syracuse University, London
Lim Jae Yong
, OCA architects, Seoul, Moderator
Finn Geipel, LIN Architects Ubanists, Berlin
Eduard Kögel, Urban Planner, Berlin, Moderator

Front row guests:
Jung Hyo Sung, Vice Mayor for Administrative Affairs, Seoul
Jong Seok Yun, Minister-Counsellor, Head of Press and Culture Department, Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Berlin
Seung H-Sang
, City Architect, Seoul
Anh Linh Ngo, Editor Arch+, Berlin
Ulf Meyer, Architecture Journalist, Berlin

When Seoul was established as the capital of the Chosun dynasty in the 14th century, its cityscape reflected an ethical understanding between humans and nature. Today, Seoul is seeking a dedicated balance between restoration and change. Therefore the city has determined three key objectives: revival of history, restoration of nature, and renewal of people’s lives.

The symposium drew on seven different ongoing projects in Seoul that are on display in the Aedes exhibition and highlight the city's objectives: the scientific conservation and creative intervention on the City Wall, preservation of the Baeksa village residential area on the periphery, public space creation in the Yongsan Park development, reuse of the Mapo Oil Depot, redevelopment of the Sewoon Mega Complex without demolition, new housing provision in the Gija-Chon residential area, and housing regeneration and community building.

The discussion built on and expanded current ANCB programme enquiry themes, including interrelated explorations on subjects of heritage in the contemporary citythe urban periphery and what makes a smart city

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