ENABLING THE EDGE. The Urban Periphery

As the name suggests, the periphery is often overlooked in spatial design and planning. ‘Periphery’ signals the marginal, on the edge. It is outside of the centre, where we can find the primary focus of the majority of architectural and planning efforts. Periphery implies not just a physical location but also a social standing; those on the fringes of society are also part of the periphery.

This ANCB programme focuses attention and awareness on selected examples of contemporary urban peripheries encountered in global cities and urban regions across the world, most of which are typically perceived to present only great challenges or problems. The subject will be explored and interpreted from a range of perspectives prevalent in cities today, including examples of physical periphery - on the edge of the city (ghettos, suburbs, segregated housing estates), unregulated periphery - outside of the formal masterplan (slums, barrios, informal cities), and social periphery - on the margins of society (homeless, disabled, elderly, ethnic minorities).

Explored through a variety of formats, including interdisciplinary discussions, presentations, workshops, design studios and more, the programme aims to generate fresh ideas for new urban positions and processes and offers the potential to rethink attitudes towards and interventions in the periphery, for societies, governments, industry and the urban/spatial design professions.


Collaborative Research. Mobilising the Periphery
2014 - 2017

Collaborative Research. REGION AS CITY. The Spatial Interdependencies Beyond the City

Public Debate and Workshop. Mobilising the Periphery #2. Focus China: The New Habitat Video recording
27 - 28 November 2015

Public Debate and Workshop. Mobilising the Periphery #1. Four Types Four Cases
Video recording
6 June 2015

Public Debate. Medellín: Topography of Knowledge Urban Transformation Through Collective Processes
Video recording
5 June 2015

University Design Studio. Enabling the Edge: Urban Farms in Milan and Berlin
11 – 16 May 2015

ANCB Master Lecture. Shigeru Ban
Video recording
7 October 2014

Public Debate. Seoul: Towards a Meta-City - Recent Urban Projects
Video recording
29 August 2014

Public Debate. REGION AS CITY: The Spatial Interdependencies Beyond the City
12 May 2014

Public Debate. Make_Shift City. Die Neuverhandlung des Urbanen
19 March 2014

Public Debate. Thomas Sieverts and Lars Lerup: Lacunas - The Middle Landscape 
23 January 2012

Public Debate. Weniger ist Zukunft
9 October 2010

Collaborative Research. Re-act Lab: São Paulo Architecture Experiment
12 - 22 August 2010

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