Need for Nature by Jeanna Ganeba, Jan Jungclaus and Angelina Rackow

The vision for a future workplace in Berlin is driven by freedom and comfort. In a city of contrasting seasons, natural sunlight can be both a blessing and a curse for offices. To resolve excess natural light in a glass attic workplace, the Berlin team created an idyllic ecosystem inspired by distinctive natural atmospheres.

After embarking on a rigorous study of plants and their biological properties, they used foliage to design a carefully balanced working environment. ‘Need for Nature’ uses greenery to reorganize the office and create a living workplace. To create an enhanced lighting condition, the plants reflect, redistribute, absorb light and even create their own (bioluminescent) light after sunset. The proposed design maximizes natural lighting and energy efficiency, improves air quality and promotes overall wellness for employees.

Introducing plants as a natural mitigator in a place of high daylight intensity is also a clever seasonal solution. During the months of excess daylight the plants thrive and create shades that promote comfort and productivity. When the days get shorter and employees long for the sun, the plants are stripped to their bare branches to maximize daylight.

Download the Berlin Proposal here (31,7 MB)


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