Start-up App by Camila Sarmiento Mira, Anny Gómez Patiño, Juan Camilo Paniagua Carvajal

In the Colombian tropics, lighting conditions vary considerably, but remain constant throughout the year. Sunrise and sunset happens abruptly in the early morning from 6 to 8 a.m. and late afternoon fro 5 to 7 p.m. These critical ‘blue hours’ were the point of departure for the final lighting proposal, as they presented a challenging lighting transition.

The ‘Start-up App’ was developed for a densely populated administrative office, where employees work three shifts, from the early morning to the late evening. Sudden changes in lighting and temperature were either ignored or overcompensated with excess artificial lighting that was both unpleasant and wasteful. The application provides individual employees everyday support with control and assistance of lighting and ventilation. In order to secure smooth transitions from natural to artificial light and vice-versa, the application informs users of the changes in light and recommends slight adjustments. The app also remembers preferences and individual settings. The results include an increase in productivity, comfort and creative culture.

In addition to the workplace proposal, the Medellín team designed a user-based process that assists individuals when retrofitting their workplaces. The software on the mobile device reads the space and lighting conditions, generates a lighting score and provides recommendations.

Download the Medellin Proposal here (31,7 MB)


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