Zài Xīng Tǔ Mù
Sixteen Chinese Museums, Fifteen Chinese Architects

26 August – 13 October 2016

An exhibition by ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory in collaboration with Zumtobel

Opening Programme: Friday, 26 August 2016
Opening Lectures: 4 pm, at ANCB
Exhibition Opening:
6.30 pm, at Aedes Architecture Forum
27 August – 13 October 2016

China is an outstanding example of a new 'museum boom'. The sheer number of new projects is overwhelming, and citizens, the international public as well as visitors wonder about the long-term effects on society and public urban space. The exhibition reflected on the physical and curatorial positioning of museums as drivers of progress within the socio-political and cultural landscape in China today. Tasks and aims associated with museums and cultural spaces were examined against the backdrop of today’s global, digital, urban and demographic challenges, while local factors of heritage and identity and corresponding public and private strategies were also taken into consideration. The selected projects were chosen not alone for their formal novelty; they are also representative of certain aspects in the current museum development. To illustrate the subject, ANCB commissioned the professional painter Yiming Liao from Dafen in Shenzhen to interpret the museum buildings in their urban or rural environment as oil paintings.

With this exhibition, we are glad to introduce a selection of the current Chinese architectural avant-garde, fifteen years after the Aedes exhibition ‚TU-MU’ - Young Architects from China, which presented the first generation of independent architects in China – for the first time to an international audience. Since 2001, the next generation of Chinese professionals in the fields of arts, design, fashion, performing arts and other creative industries have adapted to the new opportunities and challenges to develop individual profiles and a strong independence. So too in architecture! Today we can read the names of Chinese architecture studios among the winning teams in international competitions, showing optimism and self-confidence. We are pleased to announce that the architects participating in this show were present at the opening in Berlin.

An Aedes catalogue is published for the exhibition.

Ningbo History Museum / Ningbo, Amateur Architecture Studio, WANG Shu / LU Wenyu, Hangzhou
Ordos Museum / Ordos, MAD Architects, MA Yansong / DANG Qun / Yosuke HAYANO, Beijing
Power Station of Art / Shanghai, Original Design Studio, ZHANG Ming / ZHANG Zi, Shanghai
Guangdong Museum / Guangzhou, Rocco Design Architects, Rocco YIM, Hong Kong
Long Museum / Shanghai, Atelier Deshaus, LIU Yichun / CHEN Yifeng, Shanghai
Artron Art Centre / Shenzhen, URBANUS, MENG Yan / WANG Hui / LIU Xiadu, Beijing / Shenzhen
New Workers Museum / Picun Village, organised and operated by local NGO
Xiao Hui Wang Art Museum / Suzhou, Xiao Hui WANG and EXH Design, ZHANG Xi / Erich Diserens, Shanghai
Jishou Art Museum Bridge / Jishou, Atelier Feichang Jianzhu, Yung Ho CHANG/LU Lijia, Beijing
Xiao Feng Art Museum / Hangzhou, ZAO/standardarchitecture, ZHANG Ke, Beijing
National Earthquake Memorial & Museum / Beichuan, CAI Yongjie, Tongji Architectural Design and Research Institute, Shanghai
Museum of Humanities & Arts / Zhujiajiao, Scenic Architecture, ZHU Xiaofeng, Shanghai
Museum of Handcraft Paper / Gaoligong, TAO/Trace Architecture Office, HUA Li, Beijing
Dali Museum of Contemporary Art / Dali, Studio Pei-Zhu, ZHU Pei, Beijing
Earthly Pond Service Centre / Qingdao, HHD_Fun, WANG Zhenfei / WANG Luming / LI Hongyu, Beijing
Suzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum / Suzhou, Vector Architects, GONG Dong, Beijing

OPENING PROGRAMME, Friday, 26 August 2016

Opening Lectures at 4 pm

Dr. Eduard Kögel, Curator, ANCB, Berlin
Dr. Qilan Shen, Art Critic, Curator, Shanghai

Exhibition Opening at 6.30pm
Dr. h.c. Kristin Feireiss, Aedes Berlin
Chris Dercon, Director Emeritus Tate Modern, London
Ping Chen, Cultural Councilor of the Chinese Embassy in Germany
Stefan von Terzi, Vice President, Atelier of Light, Zumtobel Lighting GmbH, Dornbirn
Dr. Eduard Kögel, Curator, ANCB, Berlin

Zài Xīng Tǔ Mù is in collaboration with Zumtobel.



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