EDITION #6: Regions on the Rise. Culture and Architecture as Drivers for Rural Development

This publication is part of ANCB’s theme Regions on the Rise and continues nearly twenty years of intensive exchange, relationship and cooperation between Aedes and China, in the field of the built environment.

Rethinking strategies for rural development is a critical global issue today. Dynamic urbanisation processes shape large areas of the world, while the revitalisation of rural regions remains neglected, consequently giving rise to pressing socio-economic and political challenges.

To stimulate an international discussion and address this topic, Aedes Architecture Forum presented the exhibition Rural Moves - The Songyang Story in 2018, featuring Beijing-based architect Xu Tiantian. The positive momentum and resonance from the exhibition inspired the initiation of this international conference in Songyang. A region in the southwest of Shanghai which has become a pioneer in the sensitive redevelopment of rural areas, by implementing carefully balanced 'architectural acupunctures'.

The conference focused on the duality and interrelations between the urban and the rural, exploring how culture and architecture can contribute to rural renewal in interplay with economy, spatial planning, infrastructure and ecology. Holistic strategies, best practice examples and new concepts for a new rural confidence and identity were discussed. As well as possibilities for economic progress and reliability, offering incentives to make people stay in, or even return to the 'hinterland'.

The sixth ANCB publication, documents this international conference that took place in Songyang, and explores strategies and new ideas for the development of the 'global rural region' of the future.

Twenty essays, in both English and Chinese, authored by international participants from architecture practice, discourse and research; as well as planning, curatorial practice, international development, civil society and local government, capture the contributions, insights and knowledge from the conference.

This publication was made possible in collaboration with the Songyang County Committee and the Songyang County People’s Government.

Hitoshi Abe, Hubertus Adam, Maria Auböck, Nikolaus Bernau, Aric Chen, Nuria Costa Leonardo, Cui Kai, Farrokh Derakhshani, Winka Dubbeldam, Kerstin Faber, Ángel Luís Fernández, Angelika Fitz, Julio Gaeta, Nadine Godehardt, Annette Heimann, Huang Yung Sung, Adrian Iredale, János Kárász, Erhard An-He Kinzelbach, Eduard Kögel, Hannes Langguth, Li Hanqin, Li Xiangning, Li Xiaojie, Liu Shouying, Liu Yuzhu, Juan Mayr Maldonado, Friederike Meyer, Manon Mollard, Maik Novotny, Clifford Pearson, Andreas Ruby, Remy Sietchiping, Luby Springall, Eva Sternfeld, Christoph Stroschein, Wang Jun, Xu Tiantian, Zhang Yue, Zhang Ke, Zhang Lei, Zhang Zhen, Zhu Jingxiang

Title: Regions on the Rise. Culture and Architecture as Drivers for Rural Development
Series: ANCB Edition #6
Publisher: ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory
Editors: Dunya Bouchi, Miriam Mlecek
Format: 148 x 210 mm, 239 pages
Language: English, Chinese
Price: 10 Euro
ISBN: 978-3-944083-06-3
Publication Year: 2019

Documentation of the International Conference Regions on the Rise, Songyang 2018.

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