REGIONS ON THE RISE. Rethinking Strategies for Rural Development

Our age of urbanisation has focussed primarily on city inhabitants, while developments in rural areas drifted into the background. As a result, a binary differentiation between centre and periphery arose, which no longer took (inter)dependencies into account. Regions on the Rise focuses on fresh concepts and rethought design approaches with which to understand and plan rural regions. Conceptual understandings of the region as only a supportive hinterland for the city appear invalid, out of date and ineffective; as are the design and planning tools and instruments grown from this thinking.

Rather, as an examination of recent generations of economic, environmental and recreational activities in the rural region can demonstrate, the region is built upon spatial interdependencies that are increasingly autonomous of the city. The goal of the theme is to identify and highlight strategies for the development of a future sustainable rural area, connected to the metropolitan areas and cities in the digital age. For a number of years, it has emerged that the society fundamentally questioned the various processes and practices that agriculture had developed under the pressure of the producer prices and cost savings. The lost knowledge about modern agriculture and animal husbandry is now followed by a phase of new appreciation and increased interest in supply, animal welfare and sustainability. The interrelationship between rural production and urban culture is increasingly being placed in the center of the society. This includes awareness in the context of urban agriculture, local markets, organic food stores, regional and seasonal consciousness and ecological strategies, as well as a new density and rising consumption.

What choices, offers and services are needed to identify a new regional self-conciousness and create an attractive environment for the next generation of rural citizens? How can new visions and opportunities for a circular economy and local products be created?

Exhibition Talk. Christoph Hesse und Ritter Schumacher im Gespräch
Friday, 4 October 2019

Exhibition Talk. Regions on the Rise. New Space for Built Experiments in Rural China
Friday, 3 May 2019

International Conference in Songyang, China. Regions on the Rise. Culture and Architeture as Drivers for Rural Development with the Songyang People's Government
8 - 10 November 2018
Video Recording

Exhibition Talk. Rural Moves. New Perspectives for Rural Areas in China and Germany with Xu Tiantian, Beijing
16 March 2018
Video Recording

Exhibition Talk. Mountains / Architecture / Tourism. Between South Tyrolean Alps and Tibetan Himalayas
30 January 2015

Lab Talk Series. ReTooling the Trades #1 Region as City: The Spatial Interdependencies Beyond the City with the Netherlands Embassy in Berlin
12 May 2014

University Design Studio. Regional City - Vom Wohnort zum Lebensort. Internationale Sommerschule zur Zukunft der Peripherie: Münster School of Architecture, TU Berlin, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Leibniz Universität Hannover, HafenCity Universität Hamburg
12 – 26 September 2013

Lectures. The Regional City - Local Campus in the Metropolitan Fringe
20 September 2013

University Design Studio. Politecnico di Milano: Edgelands and Urban Agriculture
29 April – 3 May 2013

University Design Studio. The Why Factory, TU Delft: Resilience. Testing Regions Under Stress
9 - 18 November 2012
Video Recording

University Design Studio. Design as Politics, TU Delft: Shrinking Regions Growing Democracy
9 - 18 November 2012
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