Overflowing Potential: The Urban Water Challenge
10 - 15 June 2013

A Smart City workshop within the ANCB-AXOR Research Collaboration Programme, in the framework of the current programme "Smart City: The Next Generation, Focus Southeast Asia" by Aedes East e.V. with the Goethe Institutes in Southeast Asia.

Final Presentation


The research collaboration with AXOR Hansgrohe is concerned with studies and realised projects on innovative ways to manage water and first of all sustainable and visionary projects, which lead to a rising awareness regarding water management. The participants will engage in an interdisciplinary dialogue about water as a factor in planning processes and the development of interior and product frameworks, resource management of water in the city and the house and the implications on design. This workshop will connect experts, disciplines and important issues of change to explore new forms of water management concepts in different locations worldwide.

Dietmar Leyk
, ANCB - 00:00:00 - 00:06:04


  1. 'Pontons' by Hardy Suanto, Even Ambjørnsen, Muygech Sok, Joseph Gonzalez - 00:06:04 - 00:21:11
'Berliner Survival Kit' by Ana Schenk, Andreas Wibisono, Bruno di Lecce, Francesca Saponaro, Marcela López 
- 00:21:11 - 00:34:26

  3. 'Rainwater' by Syarfina Nadila, Vanthat San, Chau Huynh - 00:34:26 - 00:47:31 

  4. 'Playground' by Mary Pearl Robles, Vannita Som, Stephanie Monieca - 00:47:31 - 01:06:26

  5. 'Flowerise' by Sanna Richter, Marco Morandini, Yane Conradi - 01:06:26 - 01:15:16
'Water Cycle Theory' by Anastasia Samara, Christine Joh, Christina Kourousia - 01:15:16 - 01:28:36

  7. 'Urban Water Challenge' by Zerina Dzubur, Robin Honggare, Ludovica Tomarchio, Sofia Kostova - 01:28:36 - 01:43:08

Closing Adress
Miriam Mlecek,
ANCB - 01:43:08 - 01:45:30


  1. City and Governance: How can the legal and political framework interact with the design process in water scheme management and planning? Experts and participants will focus on the interdependency of the disciplines against the background of definitions and standards on a planning and operational level. We will also look into the direction in which these standards are currently developing.
  2. Houses and Living in Autarchy: What new, innovative ideas are there for integrating water cycles and self-sufficiency into the home? Overlaps of technical, practical and design-based elements of the house will be investigated to arrive at unique and advanced solutions. The bathroom as interface can serve as the platform for awareness of life(style) whilst providing and recycling its own essentials.
  3. Water as a Resource: Providing the world’s most valuable resource essential for human survival creates an ongoing challenge. Where do we place this responsibility and how can we find “smart” solutions for an equal distribution? We will also examine the role of design throughout the process of awareness and distribution.

Monday 10/06/2013
10am: Philippe Grohe, AXOR Hansgrohe, Schiltach: Welcome Lecture
12pm: Field trip. Spree Tour: Water Sites in Berlin
5pm: Public Kick-off Lectures (read more)

Tuesday 11/06/2013
10am: Lecture - Nick Meeten, HUBER SE, Berching: "Water recycling within the urban environment, infrastructure flexibility + resilience to adapt to changing populations and SEA seismic events"
All day: intensive studio work in groups with coaching

Wednesday 12/06/2013
All day: intensive studio work in groups with coaching
6pm: Finish Off Lecture - Kelly Shannon, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Oslo: "A revised masterplan for the city of Cần Thơ, Mekong Delta"

Thursday 13/06/2013
Morning: intensive studio work in groups with coaching
2pm: Mid-Term Review with guest critics: Roman Passarge, AXOR Hansgrohe, Schiltach; Thomas Willemeit, GRAFT Architects, Berlin; Elisa Sutanudjaja, Rujak Center for Urban Studies, Jakarta; Erhard An-He Kinzelbach, Knowspace, Berlin
6pm: Post-Crit Socializing with Arno Steguweit, Water Sommelier, Berlin

Friday 14/06/2013
All day: intensive studio work in groups with coaching
6pm:"Asian Hotshots" Movie Night at ANCB (more information will follow shortly)

Saturday 15/06/2013
Morning: intensive studio work in groups with coaching
2-6pm: Public final presentation before a panel of guest critics: Philippe Grohe and Roman Passarge, AXOR Hansgrohe, Schiltach; Johanne Nalbach, Nalbach + Nalbach Architects, Berlin; Thomas Willemeit, GRAFT Architects, Berlin; Tim Edler, realities:united. Studio for Art, Architecture and Technology, Berlin; Elisa Sutanudjaja, Rujak Center for Urban Studies, Jakarta; Martin Rein-Cano, Topotek 1, Berlin; workshop coaches and professional audience.

Work Group Coach Team
Dietmar Leyk, ANCB The Metropolitan Laboratory, Berlin
Miriam Mlecek, ANCB The Metropolitan Laboratory, Berlin
Budi Pradono, Budi Pradono Architects, Jakarta

Supporting Coach Team
Thomas Willemeit, GRAFT Architects, Berlin
Joshua Vanwyck, Transsolar KlimaEngineering, Stuttgart

Ca. 30 participants including professionals, young professionals and masters students from the fields of Design, Architecture and Engineering, amongst them young professionals and students from Asia participating in the programme and exhibition Smart City: The Next Generation. Focus Southeast Asia.

Workshop Participants:
Even Ambjørnsen, Architect, Oslo
Yane Conradi, Urban Designer, Berlin
Bruno Di Lecce, Architect, Berlin
Zerina Dzubur, Architect, Graz
Joseph Gonzalez, Architect, Manila
Robin Hartanto Honggare, Architect, Jakarta
Chau Huynh, Architect, Berlin
Sofia Kostova, Architect, Munich
Christina Kourousia, Architect, Oslo
Marcela López, Geographer, Berlin
José Ignacio Loza, Architect, Dessau
Stephanie Monieca, Architect, Jakarta
Marco Morandini, Environmental Engineer, Verona
Syarfina Mahya Nadila, Architect, Jakarta
Annisa Dian Pratiwi, Environmental Sciences, Syracuse
Sanna Richter,  Architect and Urban Planner, Hannover
Mary Pearl Robles, Architect, Manila
El Vanthat San, Architect, Phnom Penh
Anastasia Samara, Architect, Lincoln
Francesca Saponaro, Engineer, Berlin
Muygech Sok, Architect, Phnom Penh
Vannita Som, Architect, Phnom Penh
Hardy Suanto, Architect, Jakarta
Christine Sungbeen Joh, Landscape Architect, Oslo
Ludovica  Tomarchio, Architect, Milan
Andreas Yanuar Wibisono, Architect, Jakarta
Ana Zatezalo Schenk, Architect, Berlin

The Urban Water Challenge has received generous support from:
AXOR Hansgrohe

Smart City: The Next Generation, Focus Southeast Asia has received generous support from:
Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin
Goethe Institut
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