FUTUREPROOF Resilience and Climate Action


The programme Futureproof aims to explore ways in which architecture can help create a more resilient and sustainable future. Any effective response to climate change needs to be able to reduce demand for diminishing resources and to respond flexibly to the changing environment. An integrated design solution that both mitigates and adapts to climate change is most effective.

Further, designers need to consider the scale of the individual, the city, nation and globe in their work to imagine more resilient solutions in the face of the range of challenges brought on by climate change, which include weather-related events such as droughts and floods, health-related events such as Covid-19, economic side effects such as rising food prices, and societal conditions like mass migrations.


Climate Neutral Design. Business, Politics & Practice with White Arkitekter, Stockholm
Exhibition Talk: 27 October 2021

HUMAN SCALE REMEASURED. New spatial requirements, societal demands and economic values in architecture with Capital Cultural Fund (HKF), Berlin; ZEIT-Stiftung, Hamburg; Henrik Frode Obel Foundation, Copenhagen
Exhibition and Symposium: 7 May 2021. Video recording

Emanuele Coccia. Pollination and Interspecific Agriculture and Christopher Pierce. Recipes for Food and Architecture with the AA Architectural Association Visiting School
Lectures: 16 August 2018

Ricardo de Ostos. Animal Visions with the AA Architectural Association Visiting School
Lecture: 15 August 2018

Animalesque with the AA Architectural Association Visiting School
Symposium: 4 April 2018. Video Recording

After Hurricane Sandy. Rebuild by Design. Resilient Planning Through Collaborative Design
Symposium and Exhibition: 6 December 2014. Video Recording

Shigeru Ban: Works and Humanitarian Activities
Master Lecture: 7 October 2014. Video Recording

ReTooling the Trades #2 City - Climate - Architecture. Climate and Adaptation with the Netherlands Embassy in Berlin
Lab Talk Series: 1 July 2014. Video Recording

ArchiAid. The Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Programme
Exhibition Talk: 25 October 2013. Video Recording

Overflowing Potential: The Urban Water Challenge with AXOR hansgrohe
Metro Lab: 10–15 June 2013. Video Recording

My Home is my Bottle. Die Großfassade aus PET-Flaschen des EcoArk Pavillon in Taipeh with the Taipeh Representation in Germany
Film Screening: 23 November 2011

Water Talks
Symposium: 10 September 2011

Liveable Cities - Architecture Agendas in Singapore and Germany
Exhibition Talk: 28 March 2011

More Than Green! The Added Value of Cradle to Cradle in Architecture and Urban Planning by William McDonough
Lecture: 9 March 2011

Die Dynamik des Wandels. Jacob von Uexküll, Gründer des Alternativen Nobelpreises im Gespräch mit Monika Griefahn, Ministerin a. D.
Dialogue: 3 March 2011

Tsunami Trace File: A Documentary by Mathias Klotz and Carlos Perez
Film Screening: 20 September 2010

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