ACTORS AND AGENCY. Co-producing the Built Future


Although their triggers may be global, the defining economic, socio-political and environmental challenges of today are manifest locally rather than at the scale of the nation state. This localisation makes the challenges conceptually tangible and their responses imaginable, as both policies and concrete projects for spaces. Hence, urban discourse promotes political city autonomy on the one hand, and participation beyond a mere meeting of top-down and bottom-up on the other, as the most effective and appropriate response framework for these challenges and for urban development in general.

Such an 'opening–up' of decision-making will not only require the encouragement of engagement – from newcomers and transient inhabitants as much as from those long committed to a place but also expert facilitation and synthesis of this engagement into coproduced visions for the future.

Which tools can replace the static, abstract and mistrusted masterplan? Which participation instruments can carry the process of commissioning public buildings and spaces or awarding industry contracts assuring accountability in the process? Can architects and planners be educated as facilitators and co-conceivers of such new tools and processes? How can room for experimentation (and failure) be afforded – in terms of time, space and budget?

Exhibition Talk. STAGING THE NEXT GENERATION. The Russian Biennale as a Tool to Promote Young Architects
Video recording
13 March 2020

Exhibition Talk. Our Urban Living Room - Cobe, Copenhagen
17 January 2020

Lecture. Open Architecture: Migration, Citizenship, and the Urban Renewal of Berlin-Kreuzberg by IBA 1984/87 with Esra Akcan, Cornell University, Ithaca/NY
12 August 2019

ANCB Anniversary Symposium. Recovery Spaces. How Architecture Creates a Better Living
Video recording
29 June 2019

Symposium. Vielfalt mit System. Wohnformen für eine nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung with WBM Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Berlin-Mitte mbH
Video recording
22 May 2019

Exhibition Talk. INTENCITY Dialogue with Jean-Paul Viguier and Martha Thorne
3 May 2019

Lab Talk. FUTURE OF LIVING - URBAN AGRICULTURE - CULTURAL MEMORY: How to learn, act and innovate together across cultures and continents?
26 April 2018

Symposium. Mit System in der Mitte. Stadtquartiere nachhaltig und innovativ entwickeln with WBM Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Berlin-Mitte mbH
Video recording

19 April 2018

Book Presentation: Reinier de Graaf, OMA: Four Walls and a Roof 
Video recording
31 January 2018

Workshop. The Perfect City Block: How do we want to live together (in the future)? with Bucerius Summer School/ZEIT-Stiftung, Hamburg
19 August 2017

Exhibition Talk. Future Urbanism, Genetic Citities with Thom Mayne and Aaron Betsky
Video recording
24 June 2017

Collaborative Project. Urban (in)securities with Nadine Godehardt, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP), Berlin and ZEIT-Stiftung, Hamburg
2016 - 2017

Symposium. Mit System nach oben with WBM Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Berlin-Mitte mbH
Video recording
4 November 2016

Red Carpet Event. Peter Cook Enjoys Being Silly
Video recording
29 October 2016

Lab Talk and Exhibition. Hoffnung bauen. Ein Haus für geflüchtete Waisenkinder im Nord-Irak with TU Braunschweig and the network Mala Heviya/Haus der Hoffnung
14 September 2016

Collaborative Project. Taksim, Tahrir, Occupy & Co. Interdependencies Between Urban Space, Society and International Politics in Times of Crisis with Nadine Godehardt, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP), Berlin and ZEIT-Stiftung, Hamburg

Dialogue. Das Kulturforum. Baukultur ohne Verfahrenskultur? with Volkwin Marg and Nikolaus Bernau
Video recording
25 September 2015

Lab Talk. Critical Dialogues Series: The New Urban Agenda 'on the ground' #2 Different Urbanisations with Katleen De Flander, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Potsdam
Video recording
18 September 2015

Exhibition Talk. Medellín: Topography of Knowledge. Urban Transformation Through Collective Processes
Video recording
5 June 2015

Lab Talk and Round Table. The Politics of Practice-Orientation with Technische Universität Berlin, University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg, University College London and Urban Lab +
8 May 2015

Lab Talk. Critical Dialogues Series: The New Urban Agenda 'on the ground' #1 Overriding the Urban / Non-Urban Divide with Katleen De Flander, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Potsdam
Video recording

20 April 2015

Book Presentation. Partizipation Macht Architektur. Potenziale und Grenzen with Baupiloten, Berlin
27 March 2015

Lecture. Architecture - Urban Planning - Social Diversity: A Transatlantic Dialogue with Roberta Washington
23 January 2015

Book Presentation. Transforming Cities. Urban Interventions in Public Space with the Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment Berlin and jovis Verlag
15 December 2014

Exhibition Talk. Inflexión / Turning Point. The Transformation Process in Spanish Architecture
5 December 2014

Book Presentation. Make_Shift City. Die Neuverhandlung des Urbanen with Francesca Ferguson
19 March 2014

Lab Talk Series. Zu Hause in der Stadt #3 Experiment Umnutzung - Wohnraum neu erfinden with Wüstenrot Stiftung, Ludwigsburg
3 December 2013

Lab Talk Series. Zu Hause in der Stadt #2 Versuchsfeld Beteiligungskultur - Partizipation versus Segregation with Wüstenrot Stiftung,  Ludwigsburg
7 November 2013

Lab Talk Series. Zu Hause in der Stadt #1 Testlabor Wohnen - Wohnideale im IBA Labor with Wüstenrot Stiftung, Ludwigsburg
22 August 2013

Lab Talk. Hardt-Waltherr Hämer – Streitbarer Geist und Stadtvisionär. Weichenstellungen der Stadterneuerung in der IBA Alt 1984/1987 und heute with S.T.E.R.N. Berlin
14 October 2013

Conference. 3rd International Architectural Education Summit (IAES) with UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design, Los Angeles and IE School of Architecture, Madrid
Video recording
13 - 14 September 2013

Exhibition Talk. Bogotá - Caracas - São Paulo: Bottom-Up Urbanism to Design the City of the Future
Video recording
12 July 2013

Symposium. Migration and City with Heinrich-Böll Stiftung, Berlin
26 November 2012

Dialogue. Thomas Sieverts and Lars Lerup: Lacunas - The Middle Landscape. A dialogue moderated by Wolfgang Schäffner and Gunnar Hartmann
Video recording
23 January 2012

Round Table and Exhibition. Creative, Informal, Temporary, Berlin
17 June 2011

Exhibition Talk. Who Activates Cultural Space Today? A Seoul-Berlin Dialogue
20 May 2011

Lab Talk and Exhibition. Sensible Materie: Junge katalanische Architekten / Matèria sensible: arquitectes joves catalanes with the Representation of Catalonia in Germany
14 January 2011

Collaborative Project. Design and Politics: The Next Phase with Henk Ovink, The Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment
2011 - 2013

Symposium. Weniger ist Zukunft. Sachsen-Anhalt: Ein Labor für die Stadt von morgen
9 October 2010

Lab Talk. Baukultur Salon NRW. RUHR.2010: Re-designing the Metropolis
14 July 2010

Film Screening. Denk mal Berlin - Wer baut die Stadt? with Regula Lüscher and Georgia Tornow
12 March 2010

Symposium. What Makes India Urban?
10 October 2009

ANCB Inaugural Symposium. Educating the Global Architect
18 - 19 April 2009

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