Design and planning are inherently political acts, yet we continue to see a widening of the divide between these disciplines and political decision making. Many of the issues we are currently facing - economic, social and environmental - are more and more becoming spatial concerns. They have a profound impact on our cities and on the requirements for design practice. The Politics of Spatial Practice programme at ANCB poses the question of how fruitful collaborations might be established that lead to effective and politically-engaged professional practice in the built environment.

The programme began with the series Design and Politics: The Next Phase, which argued that a political agenda in design has the potential to address the complex challenges facing cities in a more effective manner than is currently being achieved. This thinking has led to a further series, ReTooling the Trades, which expands the focus to examine working methods, approaches, strategies, processes and systems that are key to a more relevant and engaged spatial design and planning profession.


Collaborative Research: Taksim, Tahrir, Occupy & Co. Interdependencies between urban space, society and international politics in times of crisis

Collaborative Research: The New Urban Agenda ‘On The Ground’
2015 - 2016

Public Debate. Taksim, Tahrir, Occupy & Co. Session 2: Visuality and Urban Space
Video recording
26 November 2015

Public Debate. Taksim, Tahrir, Occupy & Co. Session 1: The Political Meaning of Urban Space
Video recording
8 October 2015

Public Debate. The New Urban Agenda 'on the ground'#2: Different Urbanization
Video recording
18 September 2015

Public Debate. The New Urban Agenda 'on the ground' #1: Overriding the Urban/Non-Urban Divide
Video recording
20 April 2015

Public Debate. Partizipation Macht Architektur. Potenziale und Grenzen
27 March 2015

Public Debate. Architektur – Stadtplanung – Gesellschaftliche Vielfalt. Ein transatlantischer Dialog mit Roberta Washington
23 January 2015

Public Debate. Transforming Cities. Urban Interventions in Public Space
15 December 2014

Public Debate. Inflexión / Turning Point. The Transformation Process in Spanish Architecture
5 December 2014

Public Debate. Urban Interplay - Community, Identity and Space
18 October 2014

Public Debate. ReTooling the Trades #3 Extending Smartness
Video recording
15 October 2014

Public Debate. ReTooling the Trades #2 City - Climate - Architecture. Climate and Adaptation
Video recording
1 July, 2014

Public Debate. ReTooling the Trades #1 Region as City: The Spatial Interdependencies Beyond the City
12 May 2014

Collaborative Research. Zu Hause in der Stadt
Video recording

Public Debate. On Contemporary Polish Architecture
28 November 2013

Public Debate. Hardt-Waltherr Hämer – Streitbarer Geist und Stadtvisionär.
14 October 2013

Public Debate. Bogotá - Caracas - São Paulo: Bottom-Up Urbanism to Design the City of the Future
12 July 2013

Public Debate. More than green! - The added value of Cradle to Cradle in Architecture and Urban Planning
9 March 2011

Collaborative Research. Design and Politics: The Next Phase
Video recording
Debate summary

Public Debate. Abstract City: urbanes hausen. 
5 May 2010

Public Debate. DENK MAL BERLIN - Wer baut die Stadt?
12 March 2010

Public Debate. What Makes India Urban?
10 October 2009

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