Manchester School of Architecture, TU Braunschweig and Universidad Diego Portales
1 - 8 October 2018

Living on Top of Tempelhof

Students of Manchester School of Architecture, TU Brauschweig and Universidad Diego Portales explored a specific type of house and home that will be increasingly important in the future due to the changing way we are living and working: housing for urban nomads. Different models can be explored such as fleeting characters that only stay in a city for short periods or more socially inclined models such as social communities. The inclusion of refugees is to be considered for these models. Another important aspect is the concept of „parasitical architecture“ and with it, the investigation of alternative urban densifying strategies for Berlin and beyond. 

The proposed site is the roof of the former airport building Tempelhof. It was built as a stand/tribune to hold many people and therefore its construction is sound in terms of structural integrity to take the load of a new building on top. The access is guaranteed through several regularly placed staircases. The idea is to deal with wooden construction, as a light material that can be built and dismantled without trace, being also ecological and with the possibility of reuse.

Students work on a master plan on the roof where a series of parcels/plots for each project will be identified. The in-between of those plots/buildings are also important. Semi-public space and the idea of commonalities should be also explored. Students were asked to integrate common spaces like gardens, kitchens, play areas, etc. into the master plan. The public can also be included– for example, by giving access to the roof with its amazing views of Berlin.

Download the Results

Group 1: The Collective Exchange (17,9 MB)
Group 2: The Unbounded Village (4,9 MB)
Group 3: Block 30 (19,2 MB) + video

Group 4: Tempel of Nocturnal Lights (14,7 MB)
Group 5: TempelHub (16,7 MB)
Group 6: The Living Market (22,9 MB)
Group 7: Changing Times / Changing Spaces (25,4 MB)
Group 8: The Plug-in Community (8 MB)
Group 9: An Air of Flexibility (48,7 MB)

Studio Coordinators:
Karsten Huneck (Prof Manchester)
David Conner (Tutor Manchester)
Vikram Kaushal (Tutor Manchester)
Becky Sobell (Tutor Manchester)
Almut Grüntuch -Ernst (Prof TU Braunschweig)
Ines Aubert (Tutor TU Braunschweig)
Ana Zatezalo Schenk (Tutor TU Braunschweig)
Mathias Klotz (Prof UDP Chile)
Jorge Morales Meneses (Prof UDP Chile)


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